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Our message is that Kids create for Kids!

Our mission is to help students that have been denied their college loan to complete their education.

We donate our profits from all book and merchandise sold to Scholarship America.

Julie van Herwerden asked school children to become part of the solution to help other children in need. In 2009 Julie’s daughter Poppie was denied her loan in her final year of college at Parsons New York, because of the economy. At that time there were approximately  250,000 students that found themselves in this position! In 2011 more than one million  college students in 31 states were denied access to federal loans, according to a report released by the Project on Student Debt.

The KIDS Luv Books are self published and available here, and also on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The children have participated in book signings at Village Books in Pacific Palisades, California, where KIDS LUV Books were on the best sellers list. Sadly since then Village Books have closed.

“The KIDS Luv Books were created in order to excite social awareness through children’s honest, and often poignant opinions. The books assist young kids in becoming agents of change, and allow them to experience the benefit of helping others and to become aware of needs around the globe. Just as importantly, they teach adults to acknowledge and understand the power of children.”

KIDS Luv is growing and introducing merchandise, designed by children to expand their reach in helping kids in need.

We are pleased to announce that we are now licensed from the US Patent and Trademark office for the Kids Luv Books and merchandise.

We have formed an LLC to develop the brand even more and affiliate ourselves with a non profit  Scholarship America.

We donate our profits from all book and merchandise sold to Scholarship America.


I was born in London, England to a family of ceatives. My father, Voytek, is a well known production and costume designer in the theatre, television and film, honored with two film BFTA awards. My mother Renee an actress for television in many different series and theatre productions. I taught in London at Elementary School for thirteen years. My husband, Wouter, worked as a Sound Director at Complete Video for eleven years.

In 1992 my husband and I came to California, USA, with our two children,Poppie age 5 and Etaih age 2. Wouter began to work at SSI in Hollywood and I began painting whimsical and distressed style furniture for children and adults. In 1994 I became part owner of an artists co-operative called Local Color in Pacific Palisades. Always having an appreciation for children’s art work, Wouter and I personalized stationary with their art work as a service offered at Local Color.

In 1997 I began working at Marquez Charter School as an Aide. I worked closely with the 4th and 5th grade students for six years. I began writing Kids Luv Books with the children from the school. Please visit my Kids Luv website www.kidsluv.info to see my other passion, writing books and creating merchandise to help kids in need.

Since 2003 I have been working as a private tutor to many students for all subjects.
I have two art classes per week every Monday and Tuesday.

Every year for the past seven years I have run a Summer, Spring and Winter Art Camp program  that provides a place for children of all ages to create and share different forms of art and ideas, ending the day with afternoon tea!

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Anna became a Partner in 2011.