The KIDS LUV Series is an inspirational collection of books written and illustrated by kids for kids. Behind each charming drawing is a child’s perspective on global issues. But the unique part of this story is that the nexus for the collection arose from children, aged 7-13. When Julie van Herwerden asked of her art class how to help earthquake victims in Haiti, they came up with the idea of writing a picture book and donating the proceeds.

It was such a successful series that all future series will not only pay the artist/illustrators a royalty, but donations will be directed to Children’s Hospitals throughout the world. Each new book will cover a topical subject to raise awareness in children on issues that face the young generation today.

In between the first book, KIDS LUV Growing Up, there have been three more, KIDS LUV Love, KIDS LUV Politics, and KIDS LUV The Ocean. All four books have been published by Booksurge, now known as Createspace. They are on Amazon and are presently in many countries including, Canada, South Africa and the UK. The children have taken part in vari- ous book signings at sites such as Village Books in Pacific Palisades, California, where KIDS LUV was on the best seller list.

Julie van Herwerden, the art teacher who asked her students to be part of the solution, feels strongly about the power of children:

“The KIDS LUV series was created in order to excite social awareness through children’s honest, and often poignant opinions. The books assist young children in becoming agents of change in the world, and allow them to experience the benefit from helping others and to become aware of life around the globe. Just as importantly, they teach adults to acknowledge and understand the power of children.”

The KIDS LUV Series pushes forward in the hopes of gathering thoughts and ideas from children all over the world and creating a global interaction between children from all wakes of life as they unite in holding the key to the future.

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